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      Robert Apple

      Members reference what you might consider a five star photo. Give a call out to the photographer and share their photo even if it lies in the Shark Tank and feel free to give a Critique on why it trips your Trigger. Be sure to mention the photographer and the Thread you saw it in.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks to all those posting in this thread and keeping it a valuable part of the forum, in my particular part of the Covid world it has meant many days working 14 hours plus and a huge spike in my business which may sound good but I’m a one man show witout room to expand and I’m getting to old for this shit. That translates to significanly less personal time for photography and the computer, so thanks again to the group and here is looking forward to winter , when hopefully life slows down a bit.

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        Rob Wood (Admin)

        What do you do for work, @robertapple?

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          Robert Apple

          I own a repair shop specializing in repair of commercial small frame construction and agricultural equipment, things such as water pumps, generators, small gas and propane fire fighting equipment, hay and grain elevators, field irrigation systems, and a thousand other things, also do lawn and garden equipment for residential coustomers but they have a 5 week wait as commercial use and farm equipment equipment comes first.

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      This photo is just beautiful it caught my eye while looking over the throwdown: Yardbirds III Thread , lots of great birds shots posted

      Photographer – Tobie schalkwyk

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        Dave Watkins

        I agree Patrick. This is a beautiful image. Lighting, composition, feather detail and an exceptional background. Great work Tobie.

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