Moreton Bay Moonrise

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      ISO 100, 35mm, f10 at 1/5th sec on a Gx8. Moonrise happened to be at sunset.

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      Petr Nowak

      Great colors Rob. I like the subtle palette. The image makes me feel relaxed.

      CC: I wonder if crop a little bit from bottom to avoid horizont to halve the image. And I wolud probably remove lighter part of sea surface on the left. It takes my attention too much.

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      Thanks @petrnowak – Yeah, that bit on the left bugs me a bit too – damn wind eddies!

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        Graham Hart

        That would be a Moreton Bay Bug I guess?

        I love the colours too Rob. The pano aspect you have here feels a little bit too wide to me. The eye is drawn immediately to the boat and the moon which then seem a little lost amid the featureless expanse of sea and sky. Maybe a crop of each side by say 10%? Also tend to agree with Petr and place the horizon around the third line? As it is, I think the calming colours of the sky are the main attraction so if that was your intent, please ignore my comments 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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