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      Kent DuFault

      This week our Guest Judge was Dorothy.

      This week the POTW award goes to Andre P @andre-p for his thought provoking image of Another Kind of Vestige. (vestige: a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists. “the last vestiges of colonialism”)

      The arrow loop is lit with just enough sunlight to show it’s inside textured walls and the view out shows the barbican in total sunlight as it faces outward towards the wall and fields. This photo does an excellent job of giving us a clear and sharp view while working with lighting that was both deeply shadowed and brightly sunlit. A great job of Framing that allows us to feel like we are the ones standing there looking out.

      Great job Andre! Well done, you even got me grabbing the dictionary and doing a little research!

      Andre’s photograph was posted into the Weekend Challenge #435.

      I would love to mention both SethL’s entry in the Weekend Challenge #435 and Pamela Winter’s entry in Mobile Monday. Interestingly, these are both b&w photos of a bridge, and both used the leading lines in creative ways as well as their perspective.

      Links to the runner-ups will be posted below.

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      Kent DuFault
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      Congratulations , Andre P for POTW well deserved with such a wonderful photograph , one that lets the imagination run wild , nice work.

      Well done to each of the runners up .. and to all those that took a photo and posted it there is always next time ;).

      Thanks for the Post Kent and Thank you Dorothy for taking the time to look over all the photos and coming up with a fantastic photo.

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        P71: Thank you , it was crazy hard trying to pick one.  This one captivated me every time i came back to it.  i rarely take a lot of time other than looking and enjoying our photos but this got me going to both the dictionary (vestige) and google (arrow loop and barbican and pareidolia (seeing faces in inanimate objects)).  i think Andre did everything right with this photo.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Congrats Andre!

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      Bruce Gordon

      Well done Andre! Perfectly composed and captured! Congrats!

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      Robert Apple

      Congratulations Andre, all its missing is Rapunzel.

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      Tom M

      I LOVE this photo. I almost (should have), put it into top members picks section…


      Also think that under the bridge shot by SethL was spectacular…


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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Congratulations Andre on POTW. Beautiful image and composition 🙂

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      Great example of using frame within frame 🙂 Congrats on POTW!

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      Graham Hart

      Congratulations Andre P. A great pic which appeals even more from its perspective. Rather than looking from outside at a static structure, we are experiencing the same view that those people who built it and those who dwelled in it did. Makes me wonder what conversations were had by those gazing out of that frame way back when….

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      Andre P.

      Great thanks to all of you. These are constructive comments that I very much appreciate.
      The photo was taken in 2008 with a D80 and the 18-135 mm kit zoom in JPG (I started only in 2012-2013 to work in RAW format).
      As for the subject, these are the ruins (vestiges) of a fortified castle whose construction began in the 11th century and was under construction until the 15th century. The castle was partially restored.
      What caught my eye is the structure of the frame formed by the flat stones that seem so sharp to prevent any invaders from entering.

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      Anne Hornsby

      Congratulations, Andre!   I love the 3 layers of view, with different colors in each layer.

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      Great shot Andre, congrats on POTW!
      Good shots, too, by Seth and Pamela!

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      Rob Eyers

      Congrats Andre.

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      Seth L

      Way to go Andre! Great shot!

      Awesome perspective of the bridge Pamela! Good job!

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