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    We recently visited a very decent sized sculpture park here in NZ.  Almost all of the sculptures are from Zimbabwe, which I have never thought of being a place where sculptures of quality are produced.  However, the ones we saw are very, very good indeed and very reasonably priced! (if you could afford and have the spot to place them).  Anyway, as we fulfilled only the former (maybe???), I thought I should share (one image to begin with – but at least one more must be shown)

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    I have to admit, I am always torn with photographing art works. It feels somewhat documentary to me rather than creative. Nothing wrong with that per se I suppose.

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    Mistyisle: i think this is great.  i understand what Rob is saying but i do have to disagree. if you can photograph a piece of art that conveys what the artist is sharing (whether they be painter, sculptor, photographer, etc.) i think the photography becomes art.  if you have a photograph and make a painting from it, is that painting not art?  on the plus side many people get to see the art they might not ever have a chance to see otherwise. there are so many ways, creatively, to take photos of art.  that said, if i were to have taken this photo i would most likely remove the bodies behind the sculpture, maybe even laid on the ground looking up to take the shot. who know?  ok, ramble too much – i liked this. 🙂

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    Hi Rob, in our club we are very unlikely to make much headway by picturing other peoples art, because it is theirs, not yours.  However, when I am impressed with a particular piece I often take a pic in order to share it with others.  That is why I chose the chit chat forum.  I am wondering if others are as blown away by this sculpture as I am?

    Hi Dorothy, am really glad you like it.  I didn’t take up any time in removing the couple because I have much more serious work on other images to do.  Nevertheless, your comments are very valid.  For instance when we take a different shot of a piece of architecture then we are in fact crossing a line by using the architects vision, so is there a difference?  As you say, it can be tied in with how much you have expressed something unique.

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