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      John Thompson

      I reworked this photo after seeing one of Robs daily emails with a similar pic.  I added rain using two layers.  One with small rain drops and one with larger ones.  I am not sure I like it.

      This needs to be viewed large to see the effects I have added.

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      Graham Hart

      Hi John, on first glance (smaller version) it looks quite OK but when viewed large it looked a bit less real, almost like a weird meteor shower rather than rain. I think it might be because all the rain is in a single plane and looks too consistent rather than the random nature and dof seen with the real stuff. Also, the drops seem a little too bright and slightly larger than I would expect. Being picky I know but since you’re not sure you like it, I wondered if my comments strike any chords with you?

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        John Thompson

        Thank you Graham this is just what I was thinking but I wanted others opinions.  I should have posted in the ST but I put it here instead.

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      I don’t dislike it at all. I’d probably take the opacity on the drops down a bit but I would be seriously experimenting with this.

      Was this the rainy night editing email? lol

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      Tom M

      I agree with what Graham said….


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      I quite like it, though it’s not totally realistic. Like Rob said, I think the raindrops need to be more translucent.

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