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      ISO 640, 18mm 1/40th on a d810


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      Kent DuFault

      I like this type of photograph. I feel that the surfer doesn’t carry enough visual weight as the subject within this composition.

      I tried this.

      The crop is obvious. Also, I used the Adjustment Brush to brighten the man and surfboard overall slightly. Then using a new brush, I slightly decreased the blacks on just the wet suit to create more contrast there. Finally, using a third brush, I bumped up the color saturation of the surfboard and the man’s skin slightly. Even if you don’t like the crop, I think those tweaks on the man and board help him to pop out a bit more.

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      Federico Alegria

      Dunno if I’m in that state of life in which I really love seeing the context around people or what, but I really like it the way you have it Mate, Kent’s suggestion feels to tight for my taste. Perhaps the vignetting could be smoothed out just a bit, because it looks too heavy and sort of distracts from the stroy.

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      Erik Fransman

      I Agree with Frederico. I think the crop is too tight. But I also agree with Kent that the surfer doesn’t carry enough weight.
      I tried to make him stand out a bit more and created a visual lead-in by dodging the sand in front of him creating a lighter path towards him. It is a bit artificial but you see it on the beach that one part is lighter because it is still wet and the part next to it, not.

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      Thanks guys – a few good things to think about.


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