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        I am a photographer for a few well-known magazines in San Diego and LA. My portfolio goes into the hundreds of thousands. I was at a tradeshow this weekend and someone introduced me to a company that does image searching on the internet with facial recognition software. I was skeptical but tried it anyways since it was only a buck to run a search. I took two of my most popular models and submitted their images. And dammit wouldn’t you know it, I got a report back with my images that 16 sites were using my pics without my permission!!! (the report actually has a copy of the pic being used and the website) And one site is a well-known newspaper! Needless to say, my attorney will be on the phone with them tomorrow.

        Just wondering if anyone else has had similar luck (or not luck) using FaceFind? I’m considering running a search on all 100 of my most popular models.

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