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    I took this image at a festival near where we live.  SWMBO and I went and enjoyed it very much and I took hundreds of photos.  Moving between bright sunlight and the stage my settings kept changing.  Not quick enough in this instance!  However I have messed around with it for hours and many pixel and adjustment layers later think I am on the right track.  Here it is getting towards completion.  Do you like the new background and composition?

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    Here is the original – Settings were (unfortunately)  f 9.0;  110 mms;  ISO800; 1/2500sec.

    I have changed the background (obtained from a little part of it), as you may have guessed  😉

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    Wow, you have done a lot of work and it looks good.  i think the shoe in front needs a little work along the bottom. maybe a little burn on the heel and toe where the color is off. i think the floor under the kitty’s armpit could be darkened, it is such a light area it draws my attention away from the subject.

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    Thanks, Dorothy, the shoe and under does worry me and I have done a little work, but it does need more – harder than it seems!   Your point about “i think the floor under the kitty’s armpit could be darkened” is really good and I had not noticed it.  Funny how, after it has been pointed out to the author, it becomes a glaring item.

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    Erik Fransman

    Jim, you must really like this image spending hours fixing it. You are definitely on the right track.  Unfortunately, there are still some spots that did not turn out well changing the bg, the obvious difficult spots, like under the knee, between the leg and elbow and the hand she has in the air.

    It’s never going to get you the image of the year award, there too many artifacts from retrieving from total darkness, but you get my vote for trying.

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    Rob Eyers

    I agree with everything Erik has said Jim.

    One thing I would mention is that not all real woman/men shoot in manual all the time. Some will think I’m off my rocker but here’s the point. If you shoot in Aperture priority for events like this you are a lot less likely to miss the exposure by as much as with this one. Pick a reasonable ISO for the environment and your general depth of field(aperture) and let the camera do the heavy lifting with the shutter speed. If you change aperture the camera is still going to largely keep you safe.(exposure comp is there if need be) Of course all your knowledge from working in manual will guide you to a reasonable compromise but having the camera do the constant insurance work frees you to concentrate more on finding shots and composing.

    I know you know all of this but there may be others reading the comments that might find some benefit. Cheers.

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