Lady in the mask

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      hey its crap but gotta post something to offset criticism of others! 🙂

      to post is to expose!! 🙂

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      Kent DuFault

      I like it. It’s thought-provoking and out of ordinary, which you Falxy are known for, so it follows your style.

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      Reminds me of that protection that bee keepers use, Duncan.  It is a challenging image!


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      chris pook

      I would crop right in.  You have a sharp image in focus front to back.  Cropping out the distracting background would make this a more powerful image, in my view.  Then go down 2 stops in exposure, perhaps?

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      Petr Nowak

      Good idea and good try. However if you are known for provoking and out-of-ordinary shots (vide Kent Du Fault) you definitely should make more:

      • necklace, watch and dress doesn’t fit; get rid of necklace and watch, and use different dress; something more non-ordinary;
      • use different background; out of focus and/or other place (dark cellar?)
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      yeah thought of getting in tighter………..but wanted the contrast of ordinary,rightly or wrongly………………not that there is.

      could go on about horizontals and verticals,threes etc

      comments appreciated! 🙂

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      Graham Hart

      I like it too Falxy but with a title like that, I couldn’t help but bring out the Spooky Nun aspect. I agree with others about too many distractions when really, the mask is where its all happening.

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      Too much stuff in the background, but I still like this one.

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      I think it’s a wonderful idea and it works great in b&w. I would crop it like this:

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Duncan, this is a very intriguing image and I like it. A tight crop would work well in my opinion 🙂

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      Federico Alegria

      Jasenka’s cropping suggestion is the one that truly nails it mate! Just follow her advice, you have a fantastic portrait, a bit eerie yeah, but that doesn’t diminishes its beauty. Take it to the next level with a tighter crop.

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      Erik Fransman

      Jasenka’s crop works on many levels. Getting rid of the BG, Isolating the face and because of the tight crop suggest why she is hiding.
      I like it.

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      yeah got to admit that Jasenka has nailed it! 🙂

      rest of you are………………probably bloody right as well!! 🙂

      oh well back to the drawing board of life………… this site/space! 🙂

      call me anything but boring xxx

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      John Thompson

      Ok ok ok ok.  Who has a mask like this and what is it for?  I want one!

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