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    Petr Nowak

    Clouds, rain, sadness, depression….

    (Blur is intentional.) Any CC ?

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    Kent DuFault

    I like the image a lot. It doesn’t invoke sadness in me… more of a sense of mystery. I the tones. You have nice deep blacks, but with plenty of contrast. My one criticism would be that I’m a bit put off by the strong (at least in my opinion) repetition of vertical lines created by variations in tone. Instead of looking at the picture as whole, I find myself looking at these ‘lines’ going left to right. It almost looks like reflections on glass. Like you took this inside a car. Honestly, it may not bother anyone else. I’m not sure how would fix it (if you wanted to) unless you somehow created the effect in post. Perhaps then, you could minimize it a bit.

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    Robert Apple

    Its an interesting image, when I was in my youth I had City Friends that hated the rain because they couldn’t go out and play and it was depressing for them, Karen Carpenter “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down” on the farm we were kicked out of the house right after breakfast every day, rainy days were days two work in the shop building something that usually was intended to destroy something else, fun with black powder and acetylene, so rainy days were kind of fun. Its also some of the best fishing weather, days like this have often sent me running for the local bass pond.

    The vertical lines mentioned by Kent are also catching my attention, maybe they are meant to accentuate the rainy feeling where they are darkest in the central tree is where the eye snag lies for myself. Other then that don’t see anything I would alter.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Hi Petr,

    I love this image and it portrays the rainy mood perfectly. Like Kent and Robert have mentioned, the vertical lines seem to be a distraction and take the attention away from the beautiful scene. Not sure what you think 🙂

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    Petr it looks as if you fitted a description of sorts to suit the outcome of the post production work rather than start with a concept and try and reproduce that digitally.

    So if the title or weather conditions prevailing at the time are ignored we are left with an image possibly needing a much more minimalist approach. The large tree is doing nothing for this picture whereas without it it leaves a strange but dreamily soothing landscape. I have a feeling the vertical lines should stay and maybe accentuated to increase the surreal feel that your image has. That halfway world between reality and the unknown is where this belongs.

    Possibly the tree cannot be removed successfully so I would say next time do not try and suggest a mood or a feeling which is not really there. Call it 54 or something equally obscure and leave the viewer to interpret it in their own way. Your type of work is much more interesting if interpretation is left free for the individual mind to work out. Give it a title and reviewers follow like sheep often expounding on what the first person on the scene had to say.

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    Ooops double post

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    This image really feels sad and it has kind of watercolor painting quality which is quite poetic.

    However, I think the composition isn’t strong enough, it looks a little bit too random for my taste. I would use the same kind of post processing but with stronger composition.


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    Graham Hart

    Here’s my interpretation;

    I like this pic. I think it tells a very strong story metaphorically. This pic certainly tweaks an emotional response which is not necessarily dictated by your title so much as guided by it. I think I feel a sense of helplessness more than anything.

    The order of words in your title mirrors the image top to bottom except for the word ‘sadness’ which seems misplaced in the sequence. I see clouds bearing down, I see rain falling into the murky shadows below (and perhaps the vertical linear striations help to show this element) and I see depression in the darkness beneath it all.

    The most powerful aspect is in the darker area where clouded thoughts fall like rain onto the landscape of our mind. I think this is a strong metaphor for depression which prevents us from seeing things in a clear light.

    Looking at the image is like looking though a window into the helplessness of the sometimes brutal nature of life. I notice however that there is some light glowing in the distance and perhaps, as in all good stories which have happy endings, a little vignette work would help to enforce the theme of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

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    Petr Nowak

    Thanks for all feedback. Its very motivating.

    FYI: the blur was made during exposition: 1/15 sec, f11, ISO100 and camera move (from bottom to top I think). It took several attempts to look sufficiently right. So no postprocess (only black/white point, contrast, crop).

    @billyspad: interesting ideas concerning composition without big tree and “naming 54 rule”.

    @Graham Hart: very interesting interpretation. I wasn’t able to decribe my own interpretations/feelings with this image and you revealed a lot of points of view.

    I’m happy my image evokes so much feelings and thoughs. It shows my photography is on the right way. Thanks…

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    I like lone trees and this is such a tall, straight shape, I like this one, too.  I also like the “soft” look you have created.   Like others, sad was not my first emotion.  I tired to bring out more detail in the clouds and emphasize the rain a bit more.  Perhaps it got too dark?  Basically I introduce more contrast back in ACR by playing with exposure, contrast, and boosts in  clarity and a slight boost in dehaze.  I also cropped just a bit of the black off the bottom.

    Another observation:  the brightest part of the image is the area of empty clouds just above the mountains.  Maybe some sort of vignetting could move the brightest area over in back of the tree while darkening the present bright area of the sky where it is now?

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    Petr Nowak

    @frank: thanks for your opinion.

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