Spiral Staircase

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      Peter Wong
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      Fred Furze

      More info on the photo please. Think a little about what you like or wanted to show or have the viewer feel with this photo, and let us know. It will help for the critique.

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      P Marione

      Don’t see what you can improve… It’s a very fine pic.

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      Hi, @petewong, would you please refer to Shark Tank Etiquette, and tell us a little about how you took the shot, camera settings, etc. thanks.

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      Peter Wong

      Thank you Fred. The picture was taken with the Canon EOS550D. Focal length set at 41mm, speed 1/60sec and aperture f/5 (spot metering). ISO 1600. Location: Singapore National Museum. I was attracted by the soft light streaming in from a window. The interplay of light and shadow was beautiful. The light also brought out the intricate pattern of the cast iron of the spiral staircase. This stairway leads to the upper floor but now now closed to the public because it is rumored to be haunted. This is at a very secluded corner, and I hope the image would provoke a feeling of desolation.

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      Peter Wong

      Thank you Tersha. I have given more details about my shot in my reply to Fred’s comment.

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      less wall, more staircase. would look more aesthetically pleasing without the feature window sill cut off also. In short, shoot wider and crop back in later. Give yourself more comp leeway to play with in post

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      Rob Dingwall

      Agree with @pmarione – nice picture with mood.

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      Michael Lloyd

      Ditto @redman ‘s comments.

      The perspective seems a little off too (camera pointed slightly down, lines converging toward the top of the image). That’s not going to bother some and that’s fine. I’m not above a little perspective “ignoring” myself. But, the image has such a strong vertical component I think that it would be “better” if the perspective was corrected.

      OMG We can almost see @tersha in her avatar (said the pot to the kettle)

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