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    chris pook

    One of my friends at work sent me this, knowing I have a passion for photography. Β He’s going to a dinner with this guy.

    Jeez… the subject line says it all for me.

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    chris pook

    Iraq: An Open Wound

    Diffiult to avoid comparisons between this guy and Don McCullin or Catherine Leroy.

    Powerful work.

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    I’m not even sure how to react on this Chris. You know, I do not mind if the adults shoot the crap out of one another but those poor children! What do they have to do with all of this? Why are they forced to share in ALL of it – its fears, its pains, its senselessness?

    I remember watching a documentary on the Sirian war a few months ago. At one stage after a Russian bombing an adult was standing in front of the camera shouting at the top of his voice ‘Why? What does he have to do with this?’ as he was holding the leg of a child shot to pieces in his hand. That’s exactly my sentiment.

    One can get philosophical and and refer to the Bible warnings that any nation turned against Israel will be cursed (and Siria & Iraq have always been on the forefront in that regard) so they have brought this on themselves. I can not help but wish though that the children were not paying for the sins of their fathers. But who am I? Just a dust particle in the violent storm of life’s vast desert… πŸ™


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    Dahlia Ambrose


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    Kent DuFault


    And the worst of it is… There seems to be no end-

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    chris pook

    My friend Suzn up in Dohuk shot this:

    Credit Suzn Fahim

    She has just escaped Islamic State. Β 8 years old. Β It makes me want to convince my wife we need to adopt.

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      So beautiful – I share that feeling with you Chris! Reality is that there are thousands more and you can not adopt them all… πŸ™

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    Jesus, rough.

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    Federico Alegria

    Thanks for sharing this with us Chris.

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